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Start Quote Practical learning makes me more strong in creating applications very fast. Its very good learning through practicals and not like other ones who goes through the and memorize everything and vomit it to us... Thanks for putting a knowledgeable person for training us... End Quote

- Hari Kumar P


Within a few years, the way we learn will not look the same as it is today. Online training is on the rise. Due to hectic time schedules and increasing transportation costs, people have started opting for online training. In fact online environment is more conducive to an individual learning style. If you are a self driven starter who enjoys online interaction, you may find that online training is a right fit for you.

At UPGRADE, we provide online training on Android application development with the best facilities and enrich you with the required knowledge.

Highlights of our Online Android Training:

  1. Our Online Android App Development course will provide you in-depth understanding of how to build and deploy applications for Android phones and tablets
  2. The Training shall be provided at a mutually agreed time everyday
  3. Online Android Application training through SKYPE/GTalk shall be undertaken by highly qualified trainers
  4. One to One student interaction with the trainer
  5. We have dedicated cables for high speed internet and uninterrupted power supply with generator backup


  1. Java


  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Android Application Architecture
  3. Android Application Fundamentals
  4. Creating Hello World App
  5. Project Structure

App Components

  1. Activities
  2. Services
  3. Content Providers
  4. Broadcast Receivers
  5. Intents and Intent Filters

App Manifest

  1. Adding Permissions

Advance Training

  1. ListView and GridView
  2. Adapter and Custom Adapter
  3. JSON using AsyncTask
  4. Working with Volley Library
  5. Working with GPS and Google Map

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